Molson Ex Zone

Watching the Habs game this past Saturday from Toronto, I could not help but think that it must suck to be a Leafs player. You had the Canadiens in town. You had the Leafs in complete control of the game. You had the Leafs up 4 to 1. Yet the Toronto fans were dead. They sat on their hands. There was no energy from the crowd at all; they were like ZOMBIES!

The Montreal crowd at the Bell Centre is the opposite. They cheer, they stomp, they clap, they boo, they SING. And that is when the Habs are losing. When the Habs are winning, it is like a madhouse in there!

Our video of the day is a fan clip from the Molson Ex Zone at the Bell Centre. The video was shot at a game in December 2005 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. This clip is but an example of the great hockey fans and atmosphere that reign in Montreal.

Link: Molson Ex Zone (YouTube)