Video of Alex Kovalev

Alex Kovalev is one of the key players in the Montreal Canadiens line-up. Kovalev has the hands of a magician and can do things with the puck that most players can only dream of. Several reporters and fans question his work ethique, but no one questions his talent.

Personally, I am not worried about Kovalev's production so far this season. During the last two playoff runs, he has lead the Canadiens in points and produced when it was most important. He is a money player and as the season goes on his "game" will pickup.

The following videos of Alex Kovalev will give you an idea of just how talented he is. Next time he makes a beautiful move or makes the puck disappear before your very eyes, realize you are watching a true hockey superstar in a Habs uniform!

Puck handling
Cross-ice shots
Juggling a puck on his stick
One-handed backhand shots
More puck handling