Sheldon Souray Desktop Wallpaper

Our wallpaper for today is a cool montage of Habs star defenseman Sheldon Souray. Sheldon is having a career year in goals, assists and points and could very well finish the season as the top scoring defenseman of the league. When was the last time the Habs had a player that was at the top of his position!?! Despite this, some so-called Montreal fans say he isn't worth resigning. That he is a one-dimensional player. Well, those fans are wrong. Sheldon makes mistakes like EVERY other defenseman. But because he plays around 25 minutes a game, he obviously has more chances to make an error than other Habs players. Despite this fact, he actually has less give-aways than Markov and Komisarek. On top of that, Souray is a physical presence on the ice and one of the few Habs that will step-up to defend his teammates. He is not shy to share his thoughts with the press and appears to be a true leader in the dressing room. Yes sir, if it were up to me ... I would resign Souray in a heartbeat ... even at $5.5 million per year!

Link: Sheldon Souray Desktop Wallpaper (photobucket)